Internal Consultations

Consultation on Revisions to Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes

A revised set of Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes has been produced by a working group on behalf of the Academic Regulations Sub-Committee.  The Sub-Committee has now recommended that the proposed revisions to the Regulations be distributed widely for circulation across the University before they are submitted to the April meeting of Academic Standards and Quality Assurance Committee for consideration, prior to sending to Senate for approval in May.  Once (and if) approved, the revised regulations will come into force for the 2016/17 session.  

I have attached a copy of the revised regulations for your consideration and comment.  The revisions comprise mainly stylistic changes (including tabular format where appropriate), use of “trimester”, rather than “semester” and removal of any procedural information with hyperlinks to the relevant policies and/or procedures.  The main changes are highlighted in yellow within the document as follows:

  • A top up Honours Degree has been added to the list of qualifications (ARTP 2.1.4)
  • 15 credit modules are now permitted at level 7 (ARTP 3.1.5) with a maximum of 1 summative assessment (ARTP 3.1.8).
  • Inclusion of a table of Intermediate Terminating Qualifications (ARTP 3.2.8)
  • Additional regulation stating that applicants must declare any criminal convictions spent or unspent for admission to some programmes.  Also students must declare any criminal convictions placed on record after admission (ARTP 5.3)
  • Restriction on the re-use of credit through APL for equivalent or higher level qualifications (ARTP 5.4.4 (c))
  • Definition of full-time mode of study (ARTP 6.1.4)
  • Maximum and minimum periods of registration (ARTP 6.1.5)
  • All written exams are required to be marked anonymously; previously this was restricted to levels 5 to 7. (ARTP 7.1.3)
  • Capping the failed component of an assessment following re-assessment rather than the overall module mark (ARTP 7.6.10 and 7.6.11 and 7.6.12)
  • Automatic compensation is now referred to as compensation as there is no need to differentiate it from discretionary compensation (ARTP 8.2)
  • Revisions to on the concurrent study regulation in light of the two year accelerated degree (ARTP 8.3.4)
  • Degree classification boundaries have been changed for minimum programme mark of 70% (first); 60% (2.1) and 50% (2.2) (ARTP 9.2.2)

We would be grateful to receive your feedback on the revised regulations – any comments you wish to make will be used to inform the decisions taken at ASQAC and Senate.  If you have any queries on the proposed revisions, please contact Alison Jones ( / ext 56836), Deputy Head of Quality and Enhancement, QEO, who would be happy to clarify or discuss further with you.

Consultation on Academic Misconduct & Student Disciplinary procedure

The University is currnelty reviewing is Student Disciplinary and Academic Misconduct procedures. We would welcome initial comments from those who have been involved in either or both processes.

Issues that it is intended to address include:
• Informing AMPs of previous academic misconduct cases after a decision on guilt or otherwise, but prior to a decision  on the penalty (recommendation from the OIA)
• Scheduling of Panel hearings
• Rationalisation of the routes for appeal
• Clarification of the procedure for dealing with allegations of academic misconduct against postgraduate research students
• Review of the disciplinary penalties
• Process for dealing with students who withdraw prior to a disciplinary hearing.

A review of the guidance, support and training offered to staff and students in relation to these procedures is also being initiated alongside colelagues across the University and the Students’ Union.

Please send all commentsby Friday 21 August 2015 to Richard Clemens, Assistant Quality & Enhancement Manager, QEO


Consultation on four Qualification Characteristics Statements

QAA launched a consultation on updated and revised versions of three Qualification Characteristic Statements:

  • Foundation Degree Characteristics (formerly known as the Foundation Degree Qualification Benchmark)
  • Master’s Degree Characteristics
  • Doctoral Degree Characteristics

It also developed a new Statement entitled Qualifications awarded by Two or More Degree-Awarding Bodies Characteristics. This consultation is part of QAA’s ongoing work to bring all QAA reference points in line with the main body of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education that was finalised at the end of 2013.

The Qualifications Characteristics Statements have been reorganised to follow a consistent structure and cover a similar range of information while QAA is proposing that the new Statement relating to Qualifications awarded by Two or More Degree-Awarding Bodies by incorporated into Part A of the Quality Code: Setting and Maintaining Academic Standards.

In order to inform the institutional response to these Statements, we would appreciate any general or specific comments you may have on one or all of them.

The deadline for comments was Wednesday 18 February 2015.

Changes to Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes for 2015/16

Colleagues were invited to participate in the annual consultation on changes to the Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes (ARTP) for implementation in 2015/16. An online survey closed at on Friday 12 December 2014.  

Detailed draft regulations for 2015/16 will be considered at the March 2015 meeting of LTEC for Senate approval in May 2015.  

For further details contact Stewart Smith-Langridge (telephone extension 59005 or email

Fitness to Practise Procedure

Further to the work undertaken by Gregory Clark and colleagues in the College of Helath & Social Care the review of the Fitness to Practise Procedure has been completed and the final draft is available here.   

As the draft had been subject to extensive consultation and review it was not intended at this point to review content further, but check accuracy, specifically identification of any factual or typographical errors.  

The deadline was Friday 24 October 2014.

Collaborative Provision Procedure - review

Review of  the Collaborative Provision Procedure with a view to more overtly and more consistently aligning it with QAA Chapter B10 “Managing HE Provision with Others” and good practice within the sector.

"Adopting a risk-based approach to commissioning, developing and managing arrangements for delivering learning opportunities with others mitigates these dangers. This approach ensures that the effort invested is commensurate with the complexity of the proposed collaboration, the status of the delivery organisation or support provider, the level of experience of the degree-awarding body, and the risks associated with each of these." (QAA Chapter B10, page 6)

Deadline for comments  to Richard Clemens was Friday 3 October 2014.

The review team is lead by Dr Janice Allan, Associate Dean Academic (Assurance), SAM and includes Fiza Ikram, President, USSU, Richard Clemens, GSU and Jayne Langlands, CL&TM, CH&SC.

Possible changes to Research Award Regulations for 2015/16

The Research Committee as part of its annual review of the Research Award Regulations invites colleagues to comment on the existing proposals and suggest others for consideration by the Committee for the 2015/2016 Research Award Regulations.
The draft paper on proposed changes to the Research Award Regulations for 2015/16 implementation is available here.
Please send any comments to Richard Clemens, Secretary to the Research Committee before noon on Wednesday 1 October 2014.

Code of Practice for the Conduct of Postgraduate Research Degree Programmes 2014/15

Consultation on proposed changes to the Postgraduate Research Code of Practice for 2014/15 implementation - draft document here.

The proposed changes were presented to the Research Committee at its meeting on 25 June 2014.

Revised Fitness for Professional Practice (FFPP) Procedure

Colleagues were invited to comment on proposed changes to the University's Fitness for Professional Practice (FFPP) Procedure by Monday, 18 November 2013.   

Changes to Research Award Regulations for 2014/15

Colleagues wereinvited to participate in the annual consultation being conducted by Governance Services on behalf of the Research Committee of Senate on proposed changes to the Research Award Regulations for 2014/15 implementation. Closed 18 December 2013.