Council and its committees

The University’s Charter approved by the Privy Council establishes Council as the University's supreme governing body and the Statutes stipulate the membership, functions and duties of Council.

The Council is responsible for the management and administration of the revenue and property of the University and for the conduct of the affairs of the University. Council delegates to the Senate such of its functions relating to the planning, co-ordination, development and supervision of the academic work of the University, or other functions, as it sees fit.

The Statutes also specify that there shall be Committees of the Council with responsibility for audit, remuneration and nominations. Council accordingly established the following standing committees:

In addition Council has established two committees jointly with Senate, Ethics Committee and Honorary Degrees Committee.

A diagrammatic strcucture of Council and its committees is available here.

Council has the authority to approve Ordinances which determine how aspects of University governance operate within the framework provided by the Charter and Statutes.  

The operation of University committees is regulated by Standing Orders.